ReBleep makes it easy to leave a message for those who cross our path every day.

Naughty, nice, or somewhere in between, it's up to you—and you can even give them a chance to respond!

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ReBleep is the perfect solution for leaving a spur-of-the-moment personal message for someone in your physical neighborhood. There are tons of occasions to send one!

Someone's parked in the loading zone! You'd love to give them a piece of your mind, but you don't have a pen and paper handy. But you've got your ReBleep cards in your wallet!

Someone's got a boat or an RV or a piece of property you think they might be looking to sell. Give them a way to contact you, anonymously and safely!

There's a really nice sports car parked near your coffee shop. You'd love to leave a compliment for the driver in a way that'll catch their attention.

You'd like to leave an anonymous note to catch the eye of someone special! Handwriting can be recognized, and texts come from phone numbers... but ReBleep can't be traced!

...Any other situation where you'd like to send a message to someone you've bumped into in real life but a face-to-face conversation isn't in the cards!